It’s a nice opportunity for me to write one more blog post on Kanupriya’s personal blogging website. I really thankful. Before the start, I want to share some information about my work. I am a full-time blogger and a Software Developer. In this Blog post, I am sharing some Free study option in Europe.

Europe offers plenty of affordable study options for international students. In many countries, education is free for European students. And there are even some places where non-European students can get the free study. Read on and find out where you can study on the cheap – even if you do not receive a scholarship or a bank loan.

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Free Study or Low Tuition Fees Study option in Europe

With very few exceptions, these are the countries in Europe that offer free tuition at their public universities:

Country Tuition fee for students from EU/EEA (per year) Tuition fee for students from other countries (per year)
Austria free approx 1,500 EUR
Denmark free 45,000 – 120,000 DKK
(6,000 – 16,000 EUR)
Finland free 5,000 – 20,000 EUR
France free free
Germany free free
Greece free approx 1,500 EUR
Hungary free approx 1,500 EUR
Norway free free
Poland free approx 2,000 EUR
Slovenia free approx 5,000 EUR
Sweden free 80,000 – 200,000 SEK
(8,300 – 20,800 EUR)
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