Hey, I am Pardeep Patel, a Motivational Speaker and a Computer Engineer, today I got an opportunity to write a Guest Blog post on my friend’s website. In this Blog Post, I am sharing some points about Self Improvement – Some useful thoughts

Self Improvement – Some useful thoughts

  1. 10 differences between Middle class and Rich Person
  2. Problems that Faced with Highly Intelligent People
  3. Why should we Respect Women?

10 differences between Middle Class and Rich Person

  • Learn to live in uncomfortable life
  • Spend less Money than your capacity
  • Work for yourself instead of others
  • Connect with the special person
  • Try to learn work, not to earn from work
  • Spend money to invest rather than to show
  • Focus on earnings, not on savings
  • Be Logical, not Emotional
  • Choose big rather than the small goal
  • Look for opportunity rather than hard work

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Problems that Faced with Highly Intelligent People

In the modern world, every person wants to be an intelligent person. If you are intelligent then Intelligence has helped you sail smoothly over a lot of things in life, but it has also brought in with itself its own set of problems and struggles. As we know that rose (flower) is incomplete without thorns. Here are a few problems highly intelligent people inadvertently end up facing in life:

  • Always Struggle to make friends and because of this they were alone most of the time
  • In your surroundings, most of the People Think you are an Arrogant
  • Finding a Soulmate for Intelligent People will be more Challenging
  • Thinking again and again.. Overthinking.
  • You Become an Introvert
  • You have to sometimes Dumb yourself down
  • Sleepless nights..?? Not able to find sleep. You stay awake till late in the night unable to find Sleep
  • Faced a lot of unhappiness and frustration

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Why should we Respect Women?

Google defines “respect” in the following two ways ”

  1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements
  2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

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In an obvious way, Respect has to be earned, not given. But if we are talking about to respect women then this is a different kind of respect. As a society, you would agree that we should respect the rights of every individual, and we keep our ‘respect’ mode on for strangers as a social code of conduct.

Here are some reasons:

  • Men do Better with Women’s Support
  • They are Mothers
  • Mirror Image of Men
  • Compassionate Beings
  • Born Nurturers
  • Women are Strong Negotiators
  • Spiritual Strength
  • Unselfish Actions

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